Support Jewish students to end antisemitism on campus.

What can you and your community do to help?

Contact the elected officials where the University of Ottawa is located and ask them to hold the university administration accountable to their policies and create a safe space for all students.

1. Mona Fortier, Federal MP

2. Lucille Collard, Provincial MPP 

3. Stephanie Plante, Ottawa City Councilor

4. Sign our petition


Hear From Our Students:

"The encampments at uOttawa have become a source of fear and anxiety for Jewish students. The signs and language from the encampment have been in clear support of terrorism and that is terrifying." - Oren, undergraduate student at uOttawa


“The encampment at uOttawa makes me feel so anxious. I’m a visibly Jewish person, and I’ve been avoiding the uOttawa campus and the entire area because I’m afraid of getting harassed or hurt for being Jewish. It is so unfair that Jewish students and Jewish people have to be scared to simply exist. Jewish students should feel safe on their campus. Period.”  - Chani, graduate student at uOttawa


“It is enraging to see students displaying hateful language, and misinformation on campus regarding our friends, families and Jews around the world without any action being taken to protect Jewish students.” - Gabs, undergraduate student at Carleton

"A lot of my friends have been singled out and verbally and physically attacked while walking by, when they’ve just been on their way to work or to class. The students at the encampment aren’t pro-peace, they actively engage in hatred and extremist behavior and are unwilling to engage in meaningful productive dialogue” - A.H, graduate student at Carleton


"Hidden within the agenda of the extremist anti-Israel encampment movement lie anti-Canadian values. Allowing the presence of hate speech on campuses is a threat to everyone, not just Jews." - Jonah, undergraduate student at uOttawa

Understanding Jewish Fears and the Hate Seen at the Encampment

Much of the language and imagery used in the encampment support the Canadian-designated terror group, Hamas, and their horrific attacks on Israel on October 7th. Their attacks included sexual atrocities and the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. These threats must be understood in this context.

  • This poster of flames on the exterior wall of the encampment reads: “Escalate for Gaza”. This demonstrates the serious threat of violence and escalation of hatred.

  • Message written in chalk by a participant of the uOttawa encampment reads: “Globalize the INTIFADA”. “Intifadas” are references to the most brutal waves of terror violence. Calls to globalize intifadas are calls for international violence and can be calls for violence against Canadian Jews.

  • Posters hung along the exterior tarp walls of the encampment read “long live the intifada”. “Intifadas” are references to the most 2 brutal waves of terror violence between Palestinians and Israelis. Calls for intifadas are calls for non-peaceful solutions and continued violence globally.

  • Encampment organizer wearing the Hamas flag on top of the Palestinian flag on their back. Hamas is the Canadian-designated terror organization that led the attacks on October 7 resulting in 1,200 Israeli deaths and calling for violence against Jews worldwide.

  • This poster, which has become a part of the encampments external walls and faces outward for all bystanders to see reads “Resistance by any means necessary”. This is a justification of October 7th and the continued violence and terrorism against Israel and Jews internationally since October.

  • The red upside-down triangles are a symbol used by Hamas militants to label military targets. For a more in-depth look at the history and meaning of the symbol, click the above image to visit an explanatory CBC article.

  • Poster held by encampment participant reads: “Israel=Nazis”. This comparison is rooted in antisemitism. It exploits the horrors of the Holocaust to demonize Israel and the Jewish people. This rhetoric goes beyond legitimate criticism of Israeli policies and enters the realm of hate speech, promoting harmful stereotypes and fostering an environment of hostility towards Jews.